Somewhere over the rainbowSkies are blueAnd the DREAMS that you DARE to DREAMSReally do comes TRUE


Dear Ayah

I know I hate u once because u always gone when I need u the most. To get through childhood without u beside me is really hard. To be the person that is responsible for ur responsibility its not fair! I’m young at that time indeed so young to take those responsibilities and for me to see Ibu suffers without u by her side make me hated u even more. Where have you been when I need someone to sign my portfolio? Where are you when my first day at school? Where are you? Do you know how much we suffered when u are not with us. Isn't your responsibility? To Protect us.

But now things changes, U indeed have change A Lot. For us u change and for Allah u change. Thank You! I just pompous to have you now with us. And Ayah even we were poorer than before I don't care because I had u by my side guides me through this harshness of life. Even u working like slave now to raise us. U just have my words to you and Ibu that one day ur not according to plan son gonna make u PROUD. My love for you two is perpetuity and I shall take away ur burden soon. Believe me..