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Khamis 28 oktober 2010,

Jam 12.30 tengahari Pak Ngah telah pergi untuk selama-lamanya.
Meningalkan 3 orang puteri yang kini tidak lagi mempunyai ayah dan ibu. Mereka kini tiada lagi tempat untuk mengadu dan meluahkan perasaan malah untuk menagih kasih sayang seorang insan bernama Bapa. Luka kehilangan Ibu yang telah 12 tahun meningalkan mereka masih kelihatan dan kini terpaksa menangung kehilangan seorang bapa.
Tujuan aku menulis ini adalah kerana ini adalah rutin yang selalu dilakukan ibuku setiap kali insan yang disayanginya pergi meningalkannya selama-lamanya.


MissIn' It

"Sometime you must be apart from people you love,
But that doesn’t mean you love them any less,
Sometime it even makes you love them even more"


“The only person that deserves you is the one who will stick by your side no matter how much you mess up and who will forgive you, mistake after mistake”


Final Exam

Final exam, just one word describes this HELL!. This whole month of final exam will be tenser than the other months before this. Lucky for me my first hell month started with LAW. Good rite? Followed by banking Operation, Malaysian Economy and Business Communication after a week. I just had to stuck here in Jengka for about a month. Stuck with no entertainment besides internet and movies, my life seems have been taken from me since I have to study for these final exam. 

~Hope this month will ended well


I Give My First Love to You

Last Wednesday, after all those fuckin’ assignments and test finished, I finally get myself a little break. 

This movie is about Takuma, a boy who is told he will die before he’s 20, and Mayu, a girl who is in love with him… The story begins when they are little kids. Mayu, whose father is a doctor, meets Takuma, who is hospitalized in her father’s workplace. They develop feelings for each other, but Mayu learns of Takuma’s grave illness and that he will die before he turns 20. They both make one promise for an uncertain future. Time passes, and the girl becomes a young woman, and the boy, a young man.
Mayu continues to support and love Takuma. On the other hand, Takuma, who knows his days are numbered, pushes away his feelings for Mayu and distances himself from her. He cannot stand to see her cry or hurt her more than he already has. Then Mayu meets another man who has feelings for her, and Takuma meets a woman who has the same illness, and their feelings for each other begin to waver.
For the rest of this story? Watch it yourself peeps. But this movie is not a typically love story that always have the happy ending end.

Mayu quotes:
Living is just so sad
it’s filled with such heartbreak’s like this
you know I don’t regret a thing that I meet you
That I felt in love with you
If I were to meet you again
Even knowing such sadness awaits me
I’d definitely
Fall in love with you again..

Not So Sweet Break.

As usual study leave week. Students always take for granted including me. After half year struggle it finally reached to the end.  Wow! I manage to get through this semester even it’s rough at the beginning. As usual I went back to my home with the intention to chill and have fun but unfortunately it turns out to be no so sweet break because I had to help Ery with his unfinished ETR assignments, buying some materials for his new design cocktail dress? And work as a free-of charge driver for my mom.

xoxo Sweet isn't it xoxo


Dear Heart

Monday 1.25 A.M

I don't know this feeling. Being such a jerk. urgh!
They often called me fat or huge. Sometime I'm just let it passed my brain but sometimes they don't make it. They stuck in it.
It make me sick knowing that my body grew bigger every single day.
I  never in this million years want it to be like this but i just can't.
My body just don't know how to resists the intrigue smell of food, the more i tried to resists the more i wanted to taste it.
I wish i could stop this. I just tired with the tease and smirk around me,
I just want to feel what i had felt before and wearing anything without letting doubt to take control.
I really want to change this,
Now and Forever
and i know if i never start to starve myself i gonna regret it forever.
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