Somewhere over the rainbowSkies are blueAnd the DREAMS that you DARE to DREAMSReally do comes TRUE


ChiLL =)

Day : Wednesday
Venue : JUSCO Bukit Tinggi
Date : 26 May 2010
Person Involve : Me, Ery, Hafiz
Activities : Movies, Pizza, Shopping

Nightmare On Elm Street

Reviews : Not Bad, since this movie is a parody and it's an repetition of an old version of this movie with a   slight of "modern" touch to it. The plot is still the same but for me the "old" version of this film is more freakin' scary than this movie! 

After serial off scream inside the screen, we decided to shopping. Hafiz shopping like there is no tomorrow! Seriously me and Ery are pretty damn tired try to catch up with him. Done with shopping, and we heading to Pizza yeah! 

After "makan-makan" time, i just want to go back home and take a good rest because i juz freakin exhausted! I sleep at 9.00 pm and woke up at 12.00 a.m and asking my mom " Ibu dah pagi ke?" and my mom said "pagi kepala hotak ko!".

 p/s: I really love the "Freddy song"
1,2, Freddy's coming for you
3,4 you better lock your door
5,6 grab your crucifix
7,8, stay up late
9, 10, never sleep again


Hey yoU~


Dear MidNitE

Its midnight and 
my eyes just staring at the wall opposite 
no sleep, no dreams, i sit and 
watch the drama unfolding before me

Like an empty canvas waiting for an artist
i wait in anticipation wondering
when and wondering why
I did all i could, so i believe so, 
what is happening is beyond my grasp and
i can only watch as a mere spectator
A mere spectator in my own life 
one moment its all the way up, 
the next its hanging in balance, 
the tension is nerve wracking

Patience is all i have and 
patience is all that i need as i watch the things unfold 
and let things take shape at its own pace
i waited a long time for this, 
so what difference it is going to make to wait a little bit more 
but for how long should i be the villain in my own life
i wish i could answer all the questions running in my mind,
i wish i could end all the battles being fought inside, 
i wish i do not have to wait for long i wish,
i hope and i believe (maybe) tomorrow will be better than today



Finally, Things gettin more better. Fever and flu dah hilang and now still tinggal batuk je, and actually my cough being a lot more worse, seems like it never gonna stop and I suffered like hell. 

SoO disebabkan fever and flu dah hilang, I think it's time fer me to chill a bit. Since Hafiz got mc fer one day, and my health is gettin' better so we off to Jusco Bkt Tggi (xtually Hafiz pretended sick so that he can got mc and hangout wif me). We chillin' sampai dah lupe diri, 1st we decided to watch muvie but takde yg best. So I just ngade-ngade pergi kat kaunter Greenbox and ask the gorgeous receptionist, "is there any empty spot here" and she said, "yes, how many of you?". From that moment we decided to karaoke at GreenBox and i'm really-really lepaskan gian karaoke yg dah lame terpendam since this sem break my "karok-gang" sume dah busy. Syafiq with his intersession (gud luck yaw =)) and Noah with whatever things he do, i don't know dah lost contact. But for me seriously I'm happy, thrill exactly! thanx to everyone yang memeriahkan suasana. 

p/s: tak bergambar pun XP



What's wrong with you people? Am i bothering your lame life? Or begging some food from your family? 
SOo can you please keep your fuckin' comment away, cuz it not worth for me.
Blimey u gonna need it for yourself. And please! I don't know you? and i bet u don't know me?
soO it's better if i don't see ur pathetic face again coz i know it will be ended with someone have to call 911.
Sorry if this post is a bit emotional.
I just can't stand to those pathetic comment anymore.
Get a life bastard!
-Full Stop-


Go away PLEASE!

I would be more pleasant if this Fever, Cough and Flu 

flew away, cause i had it enough! 

SoO please go away!

i wanna enjoy this semester break!

shuh! shuh! shuh!


Go away will ya?

(p/s: baby ni mcm anak buah syafiq, hehe cumil)


Maybe mothers day have gone a few days ago officially but for me it never ended!
Indeed it started the day she felt my heart beat in her and it will stop till my heart stop beating!

Yes! Ibu saya, Puan Nor Adha Bte Mohd Salleh/Syed Hassan.
Born on 21st March 1967 at Sg Besar, Selangor. Being an adopt child it's not easy for her. Her mom and dad make an agreement with another couple, so my mom being their "black sheep". Her mom and dad never show their love to her and what make me even sad that her real family just ignore her present as a part of them. Throughout her life she had gone some devastated moment, yet she never shown it. She always taught me with passionate love and never give up with life because at the end of the day you can rely on Allah the most gracious, most merciful. This is one of her best quote for us :-

"Along, dalam dunia ni, Ibu dah tiada siapa-siapa melainkan anak-anak Ibu yang menjadi harta yang paling bernilai dalam hidup Ibu, Biarkan apa orang nak caci,hina,cerca keluarga kita. Kita sentiasa ada Allah yg Maha Esa"

And for me those words she said, i will grasp 'till this breath end.
Just so you know my mom just lost all of her adoption family on 1998 so shes being an orphan since that.
I didn't give any present like everyone else but i will keep continuing my job to make her proud and say to others with a bright broad smile "hey that's my Boy!" 

Deeply from,
Muhamad Shahid Bin Md Akhir



I'm DONE and it's a BLAST!

Bye Bye Finance162 
I Hate U So Much


4 and Done!

Selepas berjaya menghabiskan paper yg agak membunuh! 
Finally it got down to Fin 262 the toughest paper and yet 4 credit hour.
Seriously  if  failed this paper for sure i will failed miserably! 
Lucky me paper ni start this friday and gap for this paper is one week man! yahuu.. 
Hajat hati nak DL sem ni but kalau dah x ada rezeki, redha sahaja. 
sudah usaha sebaik mungkin.
For everyone yang sama sama bertarung! 

"Gud luck for your paper and hopefully korang dapat DL yep!"
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