Somewhere over the rainbowSkies are blueAnd the DREAMS that you DARE to DREAMSReally do comes TRUE


Missin' them

"Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will."
Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?  I guess that wouldn't work.  Someone would leave.  Someone will always leaves.  Then we would have to say goodbye and I hate goodbyes. I just need more hellos.
Guys really miss all of you~

Eid 2010

I guess it's too late to make an entry for this eid but i just make it anyway.
For me this eid just like a normal eid like before neither happening nor not.

On the first of Syawal my family went to my grandmother grave at Kg Jeram and headed to Sg Besar after that.
Its one hour and a half  journey from my home to Sg Besar.
We just visited my mom and dad friends and relatives house. Even it seems boring, i really enjoyed that moment because eid is only once in a year rite?

Sg Besar View

Aww! Cutie~

On the forth of Syawal i started my move to my friends house. Because of too many house that we had to go, Im still go to their house even today. tired rite? But Freakin' AWESOME!!


Them :)
I guess it enough from me~


Ya Allah,
Jika aku jatuh cinta ya Allah, 
cintakan lah aku pada seseorang,
yang melabuh kan cintanya padaMu, 
agar bertambah kekuatan ku untuk menyintaiMu ya Allah

Ya Muhaimin,
Jika aku jatuh hati, 
izinkan lah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya tertaut padaMu, 
agar tidak jatuh dalam jurang cinta nafsu
Ya Rabbana,
Jika aku jatuh hati, jagalah hatiku, 
agar tidak berpaling daripada hatiMu,
Ya Allah jika aku menikmati cinta kekasihMu,
janganlah kenikmatan itu melebihi kenikmatan indah nya 
bermunajat sepertiga malam terakhirMu.



I'm tired..
Of this |Lie,
Of this |Life,

With Low-Life creatures,
With a Man of words but without actions



Fuhh! Finally i managed to update this blog..
Got through half of this horrific semester, great!
Fever, Test , Fever and plenty assignment to be completed within a short period of time. 
I'm Done!
Now it is time to take a break and enjoy Hari Raya with my beloved 
Family & Friends 
No more assignments, test, project for this very moment. Yeay!
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